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Up2Stream AMP 2.0 V4/Mono

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Make your Speakers Wireless

DIY Wireless Amplifier Board for Stereo System

Still running cables around your audio system? Want to play music from the internet? Up2Stream AMP v4 Wifi & Bluetooth Amplifier Board is perfect for you. You can use AMP v4 to easily build your own wireless stereo system. AMP v4 can provide you with 50Wx2 power to 4ohm speakers and you can stream online music from many famous online music services like Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn and more.

  • Brilliant Immersive Stereo Sound

    Capable of delivering brilliant stereo sound to produce an immersive audio experience that makes you feel like you are in the scene. Powerful room filled with immersive stereo sound will change your music experience.

  • More Extension

    There are both Digital output (I2S) and Analog output (DAC) for you DIYers to be able to connect other amplifiers to extend the music power.

  • PC support and Tuning Tool

    Supports connection to PC through micro USB to act as external DAC, also you can use our ACPWorkbench to customize the different frequency and equalizer settings for your favorite music.

  • DiY Your Multi room Audio

    When you have speakers in multiple rooms, you can hook up multiple AMP v4 to form a multiroom audio system. You can play the same music to all the rooms at the same time in sync. This can let your guess enjoy the booming music all over your house when you host a house party.

Stream All Music you Like

Stream your favorite online music such as Spotify, Amazon Music(US Only), Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Internet Radio, iheartRadio, Napster etc. Any time anywhere in your house with our 4stream App.

What’s More



LED indicators
White-WiFi & network mode:
Flashing fast-device is booting
Flashing slow- waiting for WiFi connection
Green-Line in mode
Red-USB mode
Yellow-connect to PC
Power Button
Device on:
Short press once: Switch input mode
Long press once: Switch off
Short press twice: Disconnect current WiFi connection and enter paring mode (WiFi mode)
Short press three times: Restore the factory settings

Device off:
Short press: Switch on
iTunes/Musicbee/Foobar 2000
4stream App
Free iOS and Android App


Music Format
Audio Decode
Up to 24bit/192kHz
Audio Output
44.1khz/16bits, CD quality
Frequency Response
<0.03% @1kHz/1W/4ohm
Speaker Impedance
Stereo 4-8Ω
Mono 2-8Ω
Speaker Power
Stereo Mode
2×50-W into a 4-Ω BTL Load at 21V
2×15-W into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 15V
2x15W@8Ω + 30W@4Ω m BLT load at 15V
Mono Mode
100-W into a 2-Ω BTL Load at 24V
60-W into a 4-Ω BTL Load at 21V
30-W into a 8-Ω BTL Load at 18V
Online Music Service
Check here
Local Storage
Mobile device memory, NAS, USB pen drive/Stick


Working temperature
Package Included
Main board x1
Antenna x2
User’s manual x1
Screw Driver x1
4pin Phoenix Connector x1


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4G
5.0 SBC/AAC, 10M
Wired Connection
Ethernet RJ45
Streaming Protocols
AirPlay, DLNA, UPnP, Spotify connect, Qplay


DC input
Audio input
3.5mm mini jack(1Vrms)
Line in(pin)
Micro USB Input x1 for PC streaming
Audio output
Speaker out (Pin space 5.0mm)
Analog Stereo(pin)
Analog Mono(pin)
Spdif out (PIN)
USB Host
For USB pen drive/stick, 1000 songs limited
WiFi/Bluetooth Signal
Compatible Expansion Board
SPDIF Input Board
SPDIF Output Board
Volume knob Board
IR Extension Board
(need to use with ADC-key board)

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